Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Incredibly Late Birthday Party Post

Well, my baby girl turned 5 at the beginning of April.  Yes, I'm insanely late in posting this I know, but better late then never.  We spent her actual birthday with a picnic in the park followed by dinner at Olive Garden (her choice) for dinner.  She's so spoiled, but it's a special birthday!

Playing nice with her brother on the slide.
 Now, for the fun stuff, the party.  She wanted a Fancy Nancy Tea Party.  I wanted to do something vintage.  We met in the middle. I ordered a few vintage tea cup sets and borrowed vintage table cloths and doilies for the decorations.
The menu was comprised of fruit kabobs, pigs in a blanket, PB&J finger sandwiches, rice crispie pops dipped in white chocolate that was colored purple, chocolate dipped pretzels, and the "tea" was some Homemade Cherry Limeade.

The decorations were very simple.  I took twine and folded paper doilies (from the Dollar Store) and glued them onto the twine garlands.  Then I added the paper Pom Poms in the middle, they were one of the "Free Shapes" from Silhouette.

 Zoe asked for cupcakes, not cake, this year, so I made very fancy, bright pink frosted cupcakes.  She wanted chocolate cake, so I made her happy.

 She had lots of friends and family come.  This is my Uncle with one of his daughters.  He was such a good sport sitting at a very girly table and having a tea party with all the kids.
 Zoe and her cousin. Or Ebony and Ivory as we like to call them.
 My nieces.
 And after the party, all the kids wanted to play outside, which was fine with me.

All in all, it was a very low key, fancy and fun party this year.  My family gives me a hard time about going overboard with parties, but this one was actually pretty fun for me to do. 

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  1. Cute!! Birthday parties at home are always the best.



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