Friday, May 27, 2011

Lifting My Spirits

I got a call from my mom on Wednesday night asking if my kids were feeling better. I told her they were, so she asked if I could come out and play the next day. As I hadn't gotten out into civilized society for a few weeks, I jumped at the chance not, before I knew what I was going to do. Then she dropped the bomb on me. "Do you want to go see 'Wicked' with your Granny and I? WHAT?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Um, it was the best surprise ever! My Aunt and Uncle had gotten a group together for the show and one of their friends fell through, leaving an extra ticket.

It was absolutely an amazing experience! I love Broadway and dream of one day being in plays again, but this blew my mind! I was so lucky, so excited and so unprepared! Lol I forgot to charge my cameras batteries so all my pictures are from my phone so.... yeah, they suck. But it was so much fun! The characters were so funny, their voices were incredible and yeah, I cried... a couple of times just by the power of their voices.
This is a terrible picture but this is of me and my sweet and adorable little Granny.
The stage with the dragon on top waiting for the show to begin.
The incredibly over priced items you could get that I am thinking I might steel a design or two from and make my own shirt.

I didn't know anything about the story line before seeing the show and I love discovering a new musical! This was such a treat and made my little singing heart leap and dream of being on that stage with the audience applauding like in the olden days. One day when my kids are older and I have a little more free time, I am going to start acting/singing again. I love the rush. This show just fueled the fire just a bit more for me.

Here was my favorite song, it's just the Original Cast song. I have been belting it out all day, to my children's dismay. Lol

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mom, You're Awesome!

This is what my sweet Zoe told me today. I almost burst into tears.

I asked her, "What makes mom awesome?" (Fishing for more compliments. Lol)

She said, "Because you make awesome dinners, awesome breakfasts and awesome lunches! You make awesome games for kids, awesome things for me to wear and you PLAY THE WII!!!"
Oh my sweet girl! It doesn't take much to get you excited. If you only knew that meal times are the furthest thing from my mind and the games that I make for you and your brother are so you both will sleep well at night and one day you will hate the things I make for you, but for now, I will take whatever you've got.

My week has been a difficult one. Both my babies have been sick and Zoe now has strep throat. I have not slept through the night for over a week, I'm exhausted, drained and overwhelmed. So to have my little girl say what she did to me after a week of not being able to help them, make them feel better, breathe, sleep, keep their fevers at bay, cleaning up constantly and forgetting to eat, made me squeeze that little blue eyed babe a little longer.

I will be back as soon as my house is done being under quarantine!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Spring has FINALLY Sprung

Alright, I am all for April showers bring May flowers, but April and May snow?! Um, no! I am happy to report however, that spring has finally arrived.

With every year and every season you learn certain things about each child as they grow older. Here are a few things that I have learned about my kids that will be very evident with the Summer months coming:

1. Both of my kids have been sleeping so soundly now that they have been adequately worn out while playing in the sunshine.
2. Shoes are overrated.
3. Rocks will be used not only to decorate the yard, they will be used as weapons and a healthy snack at times.
4. Pants are overrated. Yes, I have become that mother that allows her son to run around in the backyard with nothing on but a diaper and a shirt... which will probably progress to just a diaper, but rest assured that I will make sure the diaper is one at all times. The reason for this is that I have officially given up chasing my son to put his pants back on all day long, so he will just have really great tanned legs.
5. Dandy lions are the most beautiful flower to pick for mom and give me as a gift daily. I love it, but then I think, "Man, we have a lot of dandy lions in our yard!"
6. Eating outside is the coolest thing ever.

Here is a little taste of what my days are like now. I couldn't get a picture of them sitting nice on the ground eating the the ground. However, here is the tail end of their feeding frenzy.

I hope you all are having a great week! I will resume my regular, crafty posts soon, I have just been working on my yard and my tan lately so at least I have my priorities in tact.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day

I want to say Happy Mother's Day to all my wonderful readers. Being a mom is one of the hardest jobs you can have but it's also the most rewarding. My morning has consisted of my kids climbing in bed with me, sleeping in, them giving me my presents (as daddy told them to do as he has to work every Sunday, so he has to train them to make today special), and watching silly animal videos on my phone while we all snuggle some more. I got a little emotional this morning as my heart was so incredibly full with love for my children. Sure they make me crazy sometimes, but I love them more than I have ever loved anything before. I don't ever want them to grow up, I want them to stay small and innocent and shield them from all the pain of the world. I will never forget this morning with my children. It was an amazingly simple reminder of how wonderful my life is and how grateful I am to be a mom.

I hope you all have a wonderful day and give your kids extra long hugs today.


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