Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Plague

Well, we are alive... barely. My kids have been horribly sick for the last few weeks with "The Black Lung" as we call it. They both sounded like chain smokers as they coughed their guts out. Three trips to the doctor, two ear infections later and weeks of interrupted sleep and I think we will make it. When you have sick kids, you know that time to do anything other than wipe snot, be a short order cook, have super human hearing to tune out the constant crying and not putting on makeup for almost 2 weeks has made my crafting come to a complete stand still.

So I am posting something that I did about a month ago. I saw this project in a Family Fun magazine about a year ago and loved it! The link is here. It was so fun to make and turned out so cute!

There you go! Easy, cute and fun!

Now onto my daughter's birthday party that is next week. Stay tuned for all the fun eye candy that I have made for it and yet another cake!


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