Saturday, July 30, 2011

Flower Girl Debut

Today my daughter made her debut as a Flower Girl. My mom has a friend/co-worker that was so sad as her family would not be able to make it to her wedding and so she didn't have a flower girl or a ring barer. Well, my mother told her not to stress because she has plenty of granddaughters and grandsons that could take the job. Thanks mom for volunteering my kids for a wedding that I didn't even know the people. Oh well. It was nice that we could help this sweet couple out and it was such a fun experience.

This is the bed and breakfast that the wedding was at. No, you do not need to adjust your screen, it is THREE shades of pink. Yup. I thought this was the Peptobismol headquarters, but no, it's a B&B. Aside from the color, I could totally live here as it overlooks Lake Pend Orielle and was so charming inside and out that I would take over in a heartbeat... after I painted the outside.
My son, the little angel that he is, was fine as long as he had command over the bag of Goldfish Crackers that I had packed. However, during the ceremony he... "broke wind" rather loudly a few times and made the bride and groom as well as the rest of the attendees giggle. Ah boys, gotta love them. I made his little bow tie using this tutorial. I also made one for my nephew who was the ring barer.
These are my nieces who were a little offended that they were not asked to be flower girls, but they were big helpers for me with my son and it was a fun day being with them.
Here they come! My nephew was so terrified of dropping his white pillow that he carried it like a full bucket of water. My daughter on the other hand stole the show, not that I'm bias at all, but she made sure he was right next to her and other than us having to remind her to drop the petals, she did great. It was so cute as she took one petal at a time out and threw it on the ground.
Here she is ditching her cousin as he was walking to slow. She really did so well! The best was that she continued to drop petals during the ceremony, on her way out, while waiting to get in the receiving line and then when she ran out of petals, she started picking them up off the ground and putting them back in her basket so she could drop them again.
Here is the bride. She is so cute and was utterly gorgeous!
Zoe stood so nice during the ceremony. I had to remind her several times at the rehearsal that she needed to stand still and I said the same thing to my nephew but during the ceremony he got bored and started to toss the pillow up and down. I couldn't get any pictures of him from where I sat. It was pretty funny though.
The dress she is wearing is one that my mom got for her from Mexico a few months ago. I had forgotten that it was a little low in the front, but I did make an under skirt so you couldn't see her panties... that should count for something!
Congrats Lynn and Nick!
Here they both are waiting for the receiving line to start. Everyone kept asking if they were twins, but they are 4 months apart. However, could you blame them with their names of Zoe and Xander?
Showing me that she threw all of her petals out of her basket.
I wanted her to have "special hair" for the day but I wanted it to look natural and relaxed. I did a French Twist crown for her and kept it loose.
This is the hair pretty I made for her out of the same material as the boys' bow ties. I love how it almost looks like antique lace.
And here are all the five cousins together. Last time we took pictures of all of them it was a disaster, but this time was a piece of cake.

What did you do this weekend?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Cabinet Door Uses Part II

Make some chalkboards! Here are a few, they take a few minutes to make and you can hang them on the wall, put them on an easel on your counter or a book shelf or hang on your front door to say that it's "Nap Time"!
This one is my favorite... just wish I could use it in my house. The color doesn't work in my house, but it was such a great deal on the pain that I couldn't pass it up. It was a miss-tint from Walmart, $5 for the Glidden 2 in 1 Primer and Paint! Hello, that is a rockin' deal!

These are just a few of the things that I am going to be selling at a craft fair this fall. I don't know if I'm quite ready to do Etsy yet, but that might be in the near future.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Late Night Experiment

Normally you guys see pictures of my daughter like this. Blonde curls, mad scientist hair, puts Shirley Temple to shame.

Well the other day while my husband was doing bath time, he decided to blow dry her hair, just to see how big he could get it. Lol Then I came in and took it one step further. I straightened her hair. I have wanted to do it for a while as I wanted to see how long her hair really was.This is super blurry, as my child was not able to stay still long enough for me to take a picture. But you can see that her hair is stinkin' long!
She was so excited because she thought she looked like Rapunzel from Tangled. She couldn't keep her hands off her hair and just kept petting her hair all night.

She was obviously done with pictures by this time, can you tell?
The problem that I have with her hair like this is that she went from looking like a bouncy 4 year, which is what she is, and looked like a 14 year old! NOT OK!!!!! But at least now we know that it is an option if we want to do something special for her or for a costume, but it will not be an every day thing!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cabinet Door Uses Part I

A month ago I came into a giant loot of cabinet doors. My Aunt and Uncle bought a house from a guy that made custom cabinetry and left behind dozens of doors! So, she said I can have as many as I want, which of course the hoarder in me squealed with joy. I have several projects that I have been working on with these, some to sell at a craft fair I'm doing this fall and some just for fun.

Here is one that is a very easy and fast project. Add handles to the sides of your cabinet door to make a serving tray.

We live outside during the summer and carting all our plates, silverware, and condiments outside gets a little waring as you have to make several trips in and out. So, we use a big door with handles and can carry everything out at once.

How simple and fun is that?! You can always paint it and make it festive if you want, but I loved the finish on this one and the size made it perfect!

Hope you all have had a great week!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Baby Bootie Crazy and a Giveaway!

So today is my sister-in-law's baby shower. This go round she is having a girl, which will help as my daughter is the only granddaughter on that side of the family, so she is SPOILED ROTTEN!!!! Lol But I guess there could be worse things she could be. One of the things I am making for baby is a carseat cover, which is seeming like the norm for me to offer, even though I am not super fond of doing them. Hmmmm. With all the things that have been going on in this house the carseat has not even been started, let alone finished. So I made baby booties...and I am completely addicted! I was addicted a few years ago, but stopped as I got busy, but now! Wow, these are so wonderful!

These are the Stardust pattern. I like these, but my fabric choice made these a pain to deal with and took forever to finish. I used some leftover cream fleece for the inside and an old pair of jeans for the outside. Needless to say, these needed a heavy duty needle and were just not fun to make. Lol But that is my fault.
These on the other hand are amazing! I used the Mila Baby Shoe Pattern and let me just say that I could make these all day long! They came together so fast, turned out so cute, the possibilities of fabric and trim are endless and I would like to make them in my size. I highly recommend this pattern, especially if you are new to sewing! It was very simple to make, the instructions are very straight forward and I made these in less than an hour! It was awesome! The fabric I used on these were a pair of old gray corduroys that I had and the inside was cotton shirt I had gotten bleach on. I love making gifts that are absolutely free!!! Makes my husband happy when I am able to give things that don't cost anything to make.

On a completely different note, I want you all to head over to Craft Projects and take a little survey! It's for craft bloggers and it literally takes 5 minutes to do and it will be fun to see the results of the survey and see where all the bloggers are from and how many are in the same category! I don't know about you, but I always like to see survey results on things like this. I think it's fun! So go over and do it! If you do take the survey, leave me a comment and there might be a little GIVEAWAY that comes out of it!


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