Thursday, September 22, 2011

Farewell Old Friend

Today is a day of sadness. My faithful, sometimes temperamental, tough as nails, older than dirt sewing machine finally kicked the bucket. This machine had gotten to the point where the foot pedal had to be in a very specific position, the cords had to be taped to the table, I had to troubleshoot with the placement of the cords and tape them down before I could even begin sewing.

I called her the Bertha or The Old Hag. When she died I was sad, not because I wasn't able to do the alteration I had for a bridesmaid dress, but because it was the end of an era. Bertha was the machine I have been using for the last 2 1/2 years. She was responsible for all my sewing projects that I have done since then. She also helped me to learn to LOVE sewing. I know all her quirks, which made sewing with her easier as I knew her limits and didn't push her past them... often.

However, there is a silver lining in all things. A couple of weeks ago my friend, who owns the bridal shop, had me do an alteration of a GORGEOUS wedding gown for a photo shoot that will be featured on I did the dress and gave it to her the day of the shoot and the dress did not fit at all, couldn't even be zipped up. I didn't actually have the exact measurements for the model, otherwise it wouldn't have happened, so I went off of what I was given. So I get a call that Friday at around 4:00 from my friend. She said, "Name your price, I will pay whatever, but would you do the same style of dress, just a different size and do the alterations again? I need it before noon tomorrow." I said, after throwing up in my mouth a bit, "Ok, I will do it, but you get to buy me a new machine!" This time around, I got the models' measurements, stayed up until after 3:00am, made a pot of coffee at around 10:00pm and had the dress done. It needed a good 4 inches taken in and had lots of bead work that needed to be taken off. The dress was taken away at 8:00 on Saturday morning and I got a call around 3:00 saying that not only did the dress fit, but it fit so well it looked like it had been painted onto the model. Oh yea, I'm good. Lol Or just insanely lucky!

So, I would like you all to see the machine that is on it's way to me. I decided on the Brother CS6000i I have been researching machines for months now and came to the conclusion that I want something that has all the bells and whistles, but is affordable. Seeing as how this particular machine has been voted #1 in Best Quality for the Money for 2 years now, I am excited. I cannot wait to fall in love with the new machine, need to find a name for her and start making things like crazy!

Do you name your machines? If so, what are they and do you have any suggestions for a name for mine?

Monday, September 19, 2011

The Proud, The Few. The Marines.

I have been a little bit of an emotional wreck as of late, today especially. My little brother is off to boot camp today to follow his dream of being a Marine. I am insanely proud of him, terrified for him, excited for him, and just feeling all those crazy feelings of joy and terror all at once. He is fresh out of high school, all shiny like a new penny. I was 8 years old when he was born. He was the runt of the litter and we all just picked on him like crazy, but that's what you do with a baby brother.
He is such a strong and brave person. I am so proud of how he turned out, despite all that was set against him from our crazy family. I know that our late brother would be very proud of him too. He is setting out to do what none of us have, which is so brave of him, but at the same time shows how special he is.
I am just a big ball of goo today, crying at random times, for no reason. But I wanted to express my gratitude to all the brave men and women who leave their families to defend our freedom. I don't usually do a September 11th post as I get too emotional when I think about that day and all the lives that were lost. I also get emotional knowing that there are all these strangers out there that fight for me, every day. I am proud to be an American and proud that we have selfless people that defend us all. Now my little brother is going to join the ranks in that group of brave people that fight for us.

I am proud to be your sister Jake. I am so proud of you! Be safe, don't do anything crazy, stay strong, and know that I pray for you and all the others out there every day! I love you little brother!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Makes Me Giggle Monday

Getting His Craft On

So, as you can see I have been a little MIA as of late. I wish I had some fun fabulous excuse, but the reality is that I have been helping a friend with her bridal shop in doing dress alterations and I have just been a smidge busy with those. Maybe I will do a fun tutorial for you so you can learn how to take in a formal dress with boning. I'm pro now! Lol Or not.

Any-hoo, my cute little husband was watching one of his gaming forums and they had a tutorial for making gaming t-shirts using bleach in a spray bottle and a cut out design. I didn't have the heart to tell him that that particular idea has been around in blogland for some time now and that mom's have been making these for a long time. But I let him think that this gaming sight (which probably got the idea from a woman) had an original idea. But he was so cute in making them that I had to take pictures to show that a man can make things too.

Step 1: Get your shirt, line it with cardboard, cut out your shape and place it on your shirt
Step 2: Take your spray bottle with 1/2bleach 1/2water and spray over the top of your design.
Step 3: Remove your paper design and let your shirt "cure". After it is dry wash alone or with any other shirts you may have created as usual.
Here is another shirt he did. He was so proud.

And that's it! Now he has 2 shirts that he is very proud of and that don't have holes in the armpits, that's what I'm most excited about. Hope you all are having a great day!


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