Monday, October 18, 2010

Dear Husband...

Dear Husband,

As my birthday is on Wednesday, I would like to give a few last minute ideas for gifts for me... stocking stuffers really. Just a few little things that would make me tremendously happy.

1. A beautiful mug for my coffee/tea in the morning. I feel that it tastes better when you have a pretty cup to enjoy it in!

2. An adorable apron that I didn't have to make! Even though this one from Anthropologie would be incredibly easy to copy and make.

3. A pair of adorable heals. I feel it's time for me to have something cute to wear on our seldom dates that we go on. These are from

4. A fabulous winter coat! I may be stopped by a modelling agent at any time, so I need to look good no matter where I go. (Yeah right! I just really need a new coat!) This one is from Old Navy

5. Last but not least, a 2011 Ford Edge. We have been a one car family for 3-5 years (due to your truck becoming fossilized in our driveway for the last 3 years), and I have been a good sport about it for a very long time. We have been talking about getting this car for some time now and frankly, if you got this for me for my birthday, you would be exempt from gifts for at least a year! And yes, I would like a red one!

There is my list of a few extra things, on top of the fabulous things you have already gotten me, I'm sure.

Your Darling, Sweet, Loving, Wonderful Wife

Friday, October 15, 2010

Photography Attempts

Our family takes a trip to the most wonderful place in the world every fall. Green Bluff in Spokane, WA There are apple orchards, pumpkin patches, corn mazes, hay rides, fresh baked goods (including Pumpkin Doughnuts, hot out of the oil! So good!), pumpkin cannons that shoot pumpkins hundreds of feet in the air... you name it, they have it and it's AWESOME! It is my favorite thing to do every fall and it is also an amazing place to take wonderful family pictures.

This was our first year as a family going. I didn't get very many good pictures, but I tried.
This was the second year, me 6 months pregnant (a month later I was put on bed rest) and again I didn't get very many good pictures of us, mostly because I was trying to focus on breathing than taking pictures.
But this year, I really tried hard to get good pictures of my kids. I was on a mission and I think the kids were so sick of me by the end of the day. I have been reading a lot of blogs with advice on good picture taking and I tried really hard to capture the best moments.
It's not too bad for a point and shoot camera. I use Picasa to edit my pictures and clean them up. However, I need some more advice! Do any of you know of any great photography blogs that has great advice on better picture taking?

Monday, October 11, 2010

An Award!

What a crazy weekend! I am alive... kind of. But when I came back to life I saw that Beth over at Sand to Pearl gave me an award! WOO HOO!!!! We all need a little compliment from time to time to make us feel good and this made my day! Thank you Beth!
1. Post who it was that gave you the award.
2. List 10 things that you like.
3. Give this award to 10 other blogs and let them know with a comment.

1. My family is my life. I can have the worst day in the world and all I need is a smile or a little hug from one of my kids and my heart is so full.
2. Pumpkin Spice Lattes at Starbucks! I could literally bathe in this stuff. Ok, not literally, but I would use it in everything, tea, coffee, ice cream. Oh yeah! (And no I am not getting paid to say this by the good people at Starbucks, but if they ever see this and give me a gift card or a lifetime supply of the Pumpkin Spice, I would be able to die a happy girl!)
3. A Pair of sexy heals. I do not own a single pair of them, but I love to look at them and dream. I don't think I am coordinated enough to wear these, but aren't they GORGEOUS?!
4. Musicals! I am a huge fan of the arts and when my kids get to be a little older I would love to start doing some community theater! I was banned from bringing in music at my old job because all I had were show tunes and Disney music! Party Poopers!
5. Vintage inspired clothes. In the 1940's-1950's women's curves were sought after and celebrated! With shows like "Mad Men" I love how they are showing off curves and making a come back into fashion! For a woman who is... shapes, I love seeing things like this that really say, "Yes, I have curves. No, they aren't going anywhere. And, yes, I am beautiful."
6. The "New Baby Smell." You know what I'm talking about. If only we could bottle that scent to carry around with us, I am pretty sure those of us with "Baby Fever" would be able to make it for a little while longer.
(This is my son about a month old. Why do they have to get big?)

7. Old Farm Houses. When we decide to sell this house we are in (which was move in ready when we bought it six years ago) I would like to find something simple, older, has tons of character and has some history to it. I would love something out in the country, but let's be honest, there are no TJ Maxx's out in the country, so it might not work out so great.
7. The "Twilight Series." Now, before you think I'm one of "those" people, not that there is anything wrong with them, I enjoyed the books and the movies. I wanted to read them over the summer to see what all the hype was about and I enjoyed them, they were an easy read, not a fantastic read, but good. As for the last book, I enjoyed it, but my husband kept saying I had a funny, confused look on my face the whole time. I knew that I was reading a book about vampires and werewolves, but that last book was a smidge far fetched for me. If you've read it, you know what I mean.

(If you're still reading this, let me say that this is way harder than it looks!)
8. Aprons! I love aprons and I love making them! They're the best gifts and are just so fun!
Anthropologie vintage aprons
9. Farm House Tables. I have been looking for tons of inspiration for a farm table because I want to transform my current table into something like it. I want something like this! I also love the look of all different chairs around the table, makes it feel like everyone and anything is welcome at your table.
10. Tattoos. GASP!!!! What?! Let me explain. I was raised Mormon, so getting a tattoo is considered destroying God's Temple. I don't think I would ever get one, just because I would be afraid that it would look bad and be there forever. And I also don't think I would be able to pull it off. But I am still fascinated with the art and meanings of some of the individuals' choices. Two of my brothers want to get one as a tribute to our brother that died 7 years ago and I think that is a special thing they can do as brothers' to remember our brother. But to each his own right?
(This is Kat Von D from "L.A. Ink" and I just think she is gorgeous!)

Now I am going to give this award to 10 bloggers that I am inspired by. The problem I have with this part is narrowing my choices down to only 10 as there are so many talented women out there that are so incredible and inspire me every day! So here goes.
1. Kimbo at A Girl and a Glue Gun Not only is she incredibly talented, she is insanely funny!
2. I'm More Than Just a Mom I think her name is Allie, and she is just the cutest thing ever! She's so talented and her blog name totally sums up what all of us want to believe.
3. Becki at Whippy Cake This girl is ADORABLE! She helped me with her hair tutorials to get past the horrible length that I'm at now by doing new things. She also did the most amazing thing for her 26th birthday, doing Random Acts of Kindness. You have to read it, inspired me to make my 26th a little more special this year.
4. Twig Decor I love her pictures and her "Things Bloggers Do" series cracks me up! So funny!
5. Jess at Craftiness is Not Optional If I was a little girl, I would want to be adopted by her! She makes the cutest little girl clothes... and the cutest little girls for that matter!
6. The ladies over at Lemon Tree Creations Amazing. Awesome. Coolest ideas ever! Enough said!
7. Gertie at Gertie's New Blog for Better Sewing Ok this is a woman that I want to be friends with... ok, maybe just so I could raid her closet. I'm kidding. She makes vintage clothing look so amazing and she's gorgeous to boot!
8. Sachiko at Tea Rose Home This woman was the one that opened my eyes to the world of ruffles! And now, I can't stop!
9. Jeanne at A Bushel and a Peck The way this woman writes makes you feel like you are her long time friend. Her trip to France over the summer looked so amazing and all of her pictures and fun stories, just can't get enough of it!
10. Last but definitely not least, Cheri at I Am Momma Hear Me Roar This woman has helped me remember to craft for my son! The blog world is FULL of cute girl things, but it's hard to find cute boy things. This woman rocks my world! I totally want a shirt for myself that says, "I Fight Bad Guys!:"

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wedding Season

For most people, wedding season is in the summer. Well, apparently this year it's in the fall for me! I have two friends getting married within a week of each other that I am involved in their weddings!

Well, wedding #1 is this Saturday. She's a good friend from high school and we've been through a lot together. She also owns her own bridal shop, so all of us have killer dresses! Mine is a simple A-line black, sleeveless dress (don't worry, my linebacker arms are going to be hidden by a black lace shrug.) Her colors are black and white, which some might think that's a bit boring, but I think it will be incredibly elegant. As my dress is incredibly simple I wanted to make something to spice it up a bit and accentuate my "used to be there" waist. Here's what I came up with.
*1/2 yard of Shiny Tule and Satin
*Needle and Thread
* Embellishments for the center of your flower (I used a sparkly button for the big flower and pearl beads for the rest.)
*3" Wide Satin Ribbon
*Sew On Snaps
*Glue Gun

Step 1: Create a stencil for your flowers. I free handed my flowers on a piece of paper and then cut out my flowers from that. If you don't feel comfortable doing that, Google "Flower Patterns." Cut out a set of each flower, in descending sizes, in both the Tule and the Satin.
Step 2: Take each flower and melt the edges of your petals. Keep the Satin pieces a few inches above the flame. For the Tule you need to keep it about 6" above the flame, any closer will make your Tule ball up into a bad mess. You will need two Tule and two Satin pieces in each size. If you want a big flower, two of all your sizes. For smaller, just start with the size of flower you want and go down in size.
Step 3: Decide on your shape and pattern you want. I found laying them out helped me decide on what I wanted in the middles. I have the jewels in the center of the middle sized flowers here, but I decided to do a cluster of three pearl beads after looking at it.
Step 4: Stitch your flowers together. You can pin them so they stay put in the pattern you want. Then you will do a wide stitch in the center of your flower, going around in a circle.
Step 5: Pull your thread tight, it brings your flowers in to create more dimension and helps to curl the flowers in, like a real flower. Tie your thread off on the back side of your flowers.
Step 6: Now to work on your ribbon belt. Measure your ribbon around your waist and cut it off. Melt the edges of your ribbon with your candle.
Step 7: Hand stitch your snaps onto each side of your ribbon. Fold your ribbon over a bit, to give the snaps more stability. **Note: Make sure you have one set of snaps on the bottom side of one side of your ribbon and one set on the top of the other side. This will save you from having to redo your stitches... like I did. It should look like this. Glue the extra ribbon that was folded down. It gives it more stability again and you won't have to fight with it when you have your sash on.
Step 8: Snap your ribbon together and take your center flower to decide the best way to hide the snaps and the seams.
Should look like this. Glue your flower onto the ribbon. You can hand stitch it, but I went for the easy way and just glued it on.

Step 9: Glue/stitch the rest of your flowers onto your ribbon. Looks seamless and more polished. And you're done!
Here's another view of it! I will post a picture of it on my black dress... as soon as the alterations are done with it.



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