Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Gift for Under $5.00 Part IV


A few weeks ago was birthday week. My birthday is October 20th and my mother-in-law is on the 19th. It always turns into a week long celebration... which I don't think anyone minds being showered with affection and gifts for a week. The gift that I decided to make for my mother-in-law and myself (just because I wanted to wear something pretty on my birthday) was this flower pin. This is a completely NO SEW PROJECT!!!! I get a lot of comments about how you don't know how to sew! This is so easy! I used this tutorial (the Giveaway is closed on this page, but read through the directions.) It was so easy, fast, a little painful (but only because I was crazy tired when I was making them and kept burning my fingers with the hot glue gun!) And, I used extra fabric that I had, but you could use an old pillow case, a fat quarter from the fabric store. The cheaper the better!I have been all about flower pins lately and I can't get enough of them! Here is another great link for a whole bunch of flower ideas!


  1. I have started to get into flowers lately and have made a few clips. They really can add a lot to plain hat or outfit. I always burn myself with the glue gun too. Your flower turned out really cute.

  2. Really cute! I may have to make some of these in the near future! Thanks for sharing! :)




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