Friday, October 21, 2011

The Frequent Flyer

We've had yet another trip to the Emergency Room this week. And once again, it was our son. The abbreviated version of what happened was that he flung himself off of my back and cracked his head open on the tile floor in the bathroom. After 3 hours of trying to get him calm, monitoring him, the doctors decided to sedate him so they could sew him up, which involved getting him hooked up to all the monitors and oxygen, and it still took 5 people to hold him down. So, in less than 3 years of life, our son has had to go to the ER 3 times already. My husband and I think that the ER should implement a Punch Card system, "Come in two times, Get the next one on us!" Just like a coffee stand!

Here is the bruiser boy. He had to have 2 stitches inside (because you could see the meat, gross, sorry) and 5 on the outside.
With a face like that, do you honestly think that I have a chance of never going to the Emergency Room again with him?
The funny thing about this situation is that I was reminded of the show Home Improvement. Do you remember that show? Well, as a kid I watched it all the time and one scene stayed in my brain for some strange reason. It was when Tim took one of his son's to the ER and the nurse got out Tim's file and it was so big it took up the whole table. Now I know why that scene stayed in my head... I would have a Tim.

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  1. You should totally have him dress up at Frankenstein for Halloween. His stitches are placed perfectly! Gotta love busy little boys!



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