Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What's Been Happening Here

Well....yeah, I've been on a little break, dealing with life in general. I assure you that I have not been idle all that time. Here are a few of the things I've made since last we talked:

Freezer Paper Stenciled Shirts for my nephew. I made him a mustache shirt for Christmas and he has worn the crap out of it. Not because he likes the design, but because he thinks the mustache is a French Fry. So he got yet another "Chip" shirt.

Another thing that has happened is a little bit of a side business. It's kind of funny, I went in to drop off a few bridesmaids dresses at the shop that I do alterations for and there was a bride in picking up her dress. This bride asked my friend if she sells custom garter belts, which she doesn't, so my friend looked at me and said, "You want to make a custom garter?" It was pretty funny. This was the first one I did. I used the stretchy lace (so not to have the sausage-link-leg-look), some vintage blue ribbon, some fabric borrowed from a dress I did and some other vintage bits that I had lying around. What's not shown on here is the little pendant that I made with the Boston Red Sox logo in it, filled with Dimensional Magic (have you tried that stuff? It's AMAZING!) So this bride got her "Something old, something new, something borrowed and something Blue" all in her garter. She loved it and it was fun to make for her.
If you are interested in a custom garter belt, just shoot me an email! I would be happy to share more info with you.

Upcoming projects: a Rapunzel Costume, an Optimus Prime Costume (made from boxes and other things we can find), maybe a Princess Bride Costume, and a crap load of other alterations and maybe a veil tutorial (because I'm pro at them now! Only took a few tries, several yards of tule and lots of Diet Dr. Pepper.)

P.S. I got my NEW MACHINE!!!!! I will do a whole post on it later but let me tell you, it's amazing!

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