Monday, June 13, 2011

My Little Monster Monday

Four stitches on top of his head: $300
Learning to not pull on the dog's ears and listen to your momma: Priceless.
Yup, it's true. Even the best dog in the world can only take so much. My son had a rough day yesterday of being naughty. He flooded our kitchen with the faucet hose, ripping branches off of our baby tree, plucking many leaves off of our lilies and tormenting our dog. He yanked on Moose's tail and ears one too many times and Moose reacted. It would have been like a parent reacting to a child misbehaving and snapping at your child. As soon as it happened Moose knew he had done something horrible and was very concerned and has had his tail between his legs ever since. Cooper has been much more respectful of Moose and has stopped tormenting him, which is good. We are still keeping our puppy as he is truly a wonderful dog, we just need to watch the treatment our kids are giving him.

All in all, lesson learned.

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