Friday, June 17, 2011

Frustrations in Blogland

Have you ever started on a great tutorial, got everything ready, taking detailed photos, get interrupted by screaming kids and then find your tutorial on someone else's blog because they beat you to the punch? Well, that's what has happened to me. Three times actually! I have had some great projects that I have been working on but I have either had to stop due to missing a piece, having to unpick a seam or twelve, or needed to wait until the next pay day to get the rest of the supplies I need. Here are the three tutorials that I had planned but someone has beat me to the punch.

Kimono Dress
Tea Cup Bird Feeder
Bird Nest Necklace

But, I do have several things that we are working on right now.

I am finally going to start making things with my window collection. Three things in fact!

We are going to be making a table similar to this with boards that we have had sitting out in the rain, snow and sun for the last 5 months.
And I have several refashions that I have been working on, not just as tutorials, but because I have NO clothes right now and I would rather spend my money on fun things for the house than on some clothes.

Stay Tuned!

1 comment:

  1. Dude, I seriously know how that feels!!! And then it's just not as exciting anymore, because it feels like it's not original anymore! But I still think you should do them, because your way is probably just as great or better, and you're so darn talented!!!



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