Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bedroom Reveal

I have had this done for some time now, but as the weather in North Idaho has been so... ridiculous, I have not had good enough light to take a picture of my room. So, I am making the best of the sunshine that FINALLY decided to grace us with its presence.

Remember my canvases from this post? Well, now you know where they went!
For the headboard I used an antique window frame (one of my many) and two shudders on each side. I took all the glass out of the window, sanded the poo out of it (as I didn't know if the paint was lead paint or not), repainted it and then distressed it a bit. I did the same to the shudders. Here is a closer view of the window.
Here is one of the shudders. I took my handy dandy palm sander and just distressed these to give them more character.
The sign in the center is something I did awhile ago as well, but I am still on the fence if I like it or not. I found the inspiration from an Etsy shop, but I cannot find the shop or the sign now.
It says:
"You are the Icing on my Cupcake
You are the Cheese to my Macaroni
You are the Jelly to my Peanut Butter
You are the Bubbles to my Bath
You are the Milk to my Cookies
You are the Ketchup to my French Fries
You are the Gravy to my Mashed Potatoes
You are the Eggs to my Bacon
You are the Ink in my Pen
You are the laces to my Sneakers"

The wording is what I took from that Etsy shop, if any of you know what shop that was, I would like to give her credit. I love the wording, but as I did the letters by hand with a paint pen they aren't super straight. Not sure if I want to redo it and make it more straight and clean. Hmm.

Well, there you have it!



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