Thursday, June 23, 2011

$10 Mirror Makeover

The other day I was in some serious need of some retail therapy. So my sweet sister-in-law offered to come over, watch my kids for an hour and let me borrow her car to get around in. Now that's love! So I hit 3 thrift stores in an hour, it was amazing. Lol

I got some good clothes, but as I was at my final stop I found this mirror. They only wanted $10 for this thing. It needed some work, but it was HUGE and there weren't any issues with the mirror or the wood. It was a mirror that went on a vanity, so it has holes on each side where it was mounted to the vanity.I took my sander to it, put some wood filler in the little holes and smoothed it all out as much as I could. Then I painted it and distressed it again.
Here she is in her new glory on our red wall that will soon be painted and decorated with other things as soon as it is painted.
This is really what sold me on the mirror was this flower detail on it. I love it!
And you can't take a picture of a mirror without doing a silly pose in it.

What thrifty things did you find this week?

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