Thursday, September 23, 2010

Who Am I?

Well, I have been so dang thrilled with the response my little blog has gotten since being featured on One Pretty Thing! And I will be on there a few more times this week! A few projects were on there yesterday and will be today and tomorrow. Since being featured a little over a week ago I have had over 5,000 hits on my blog and gotten almost 20 new followers! WELCOME!!! And thank you for thinking my blog is worth looking at!

As I have received so many new followers, I wanted to introduce myself! I always like finding out about a person who writes all the great blogs I follow (which is way more than I care to admit.) It makes them seem real and their "voice" seems more genuine, at least that's how I feel. So here goes!

My name is Kelsee. My mother was a HUGE "Cheers" fan when I was born, so yes, I was named after Kelsey Grammer, which isn't so bad. Had I been a boy my name would have been Nigel, which would have doomed me to be a butler or chauffeur! I was born in Kalispell, MT and moved to Hayden Lake, ID when I was 10. I have an "American Family" with 5 other siblings, but only one of which is a real sibling, my sister. I have one real sister, 2 step brothers and 2 half brothers. I am right in the middle. Life was not always a very happy one when I was young, but I feel that when you are in a dysfunctional family you have two choices: You can let it rule your life and be as dysfunctional as you have been taught your whole life, or you can learn how you don't want to be and be a better person for it. I chose the latter.
I have two amazing kids. Granted, they make me incredibly crazy at times, but for the most part we laugh and play all day long and I feel like they teach me more than I teach them. I got married when I was 18, just two months after graduating high school. Yes, I was that person! And no, I wasn't pregnant! Lol This is me, with my grandpa who walked me down the isle. That little kid in the background is my little brother who is a senior in high school this year! WHAT?!

I learned to sew from my grandmother and my mom. They both made church clothes for my sister and I, also all the costumes I needed for various plays I was in and choir dresses. I didn't really get into sewing until my daughter was born, but working full time made it almost impossible for me to sew as much as I do now.

I have always wanted to be a hair stylist, which may still happen one day. For now though, my hair is an ever changing thing. I love to color and cut my hair, but with the husband's request for me to not cut my hair for a year, it's been incredibly difficult. My family and I call my hair "The Beast!" Why? Because I have the thickest hair ever seen and curly. I tell my hair ladies to thin it, then go back and thin it again, then maybe a third time just in case. I want to feel like I've lost weight when I get my hair cut. It looks like a dead animal on the ground when they get done doing my hair. Here are a few samples of my hair changes in just the last two years.
And yes, I have my nose pierced.

I am horribly afraid of spiders, but who isn't? I am also a huge fan of "Ghost Hunters" but would be such a chicken if I ever went Ghost Hunting.

I feel like I was born in the wrong time period and country. I would have fit right in with Jane Austen or in the court of Queen Elizabeth. I am completely obsessed with the fashions and if there is a movie out that is set in those times, even if it's terrible, I want to see it! Not sure why.

I have never gotten a pedicure. WHAT?! I know, I'm missing out on so much. My problem is is that I cannot stand anything in between my toes! Flip flops are about all I can manage. You know those socks with the individual toes? Those make my skin crawl just looking at them! Lol I know, I'm weird.

When we first bought our house, a year after getting married, I wanted something "move in ready." I didn't want to have to fix anything up. Now? I want something old, lots of character, needs some love that I can transform into my dream home! There is a house down the road that used to be a shabby chic shop that I drive past and long for. Lol My husband just shakes his head. When it was up for sale I almost set up a showing just so I could look at the inside and dream. Again, I'm weird.

Well, that's a little bit about me. I am a real person, with more quirks than the average person, but that's what makes us unique right? Well, that's my mom always tells me, which is probably a really nice way of saying, "You were dropped on your head as a baby and now you're just a little more 'special' than most."

I do have a project to show you, but I was up until 2:00am finishing it, and to be completely honest, I don't even want to look at it as it was a pain in my ARSE to finish!

Happy Thursday!


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