Sunday, September 26, 2010

Close Call for the Car Seat Cover

As I mentioned before about finishing a project but I just didn't even want to look at it. This car seat cover was so incredibly hard for me! Not sure what made this one so much more difficult, but it was. I wanted to light it on fire a few times, and I actually did once, but not on purpose. :)

I guess you could call this a refashion as the pink patterned fabric was a table cloth. It was so far from being my taste that I just couldn't be excited about making it. Maybe that's selfish, but the pattern hurt my brain, literally. But my friend loved it and almost cried when she saw it. I enclosed a little note saying, "I hope you like it, but just so you know, you better only have girls, because I don't ever want to do this again!" Lol I went through 8 needles on this project. Two of those needles happened on the canopy alone and within a 10 minute time frame. I pounded my fist on the table, which in turn woke my kids up.
Now as for the lighting it on fire, it was mostly because I was so frustrated with my work! However, the actual fire happened on this part. The blue band in the center is some satin ribbon I had on hand. When I made the strap holes I had to cut a little slit and to ensure that it wouldn't fray I took a match to the edges. Yeah, it caught on fire, but I was very fast with my ninja skills and blew it out. I guess it's special in the fact that it's one of the only car seats that was lit on fire.
The canopy was the fastest part on the project, but it still took a few hours to finish. All of these pictures were taken at 2:00am, hence the horrible quality. I told my husband that I was not going to go to bed without finishing this thing first. I did a little victory dance and posted on Facebook that if anyone wanted me to do a car seat cover in the near future, the answer was a big HECK NO!!!!

Now onto working on some fun refashion projects! Hope you all had a great weekend!

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