Monday, September 20, 2010

Bad Pictures, Great Deals

The Thrifty Gods have been smiling down on me lately! The pictures are HORRIBLE, sorry! But I just couldn't hold it in any more and had to share all the great things I've gotten lately!

Now, these weren't actually my find, they were found by my sister-in-law. I have a big one like this of the real butterflies that are going in my daughter's room. She found these beauties and they were only $1.75 a piece!!! They are from Thailand! Sweet.
This desk was a little jewel I found at Goodwill. It needs some work on the top, but for $9.99, I figured it was not a big deal! Yes, $9.99!!!!
This lovely was a Craigslist find. She has a twin that is at my sister-in-laws, and the two were only $20! We both paid $10, great deal! She needs some work done (but don't we all, lol) but she has good bones. Can't wait to revive this beauty!
These were from St. Vincent's on their 50% off day! Got the two of them for $8! They are incredibly heavy and in great shape. Just have to decide what color to paint them. Hmmmm.
These are my favorite find! They were also a Craigslist find. The set of 4 for $35! That's $8.75 per chair! They are in great condition and have a few dings on them but they look great! I wanted to paint them white but my husband pitched a big, honkin', monumental fit! Lol Men. Sheesh!
I also got a bunch of clothes too, but that's for another post as a few of the items are going to be refashions! However, for one day of shopping I got 5 tops, 2 skirts, the lamps and the desk for $35! Not too shabby if you ask me! What have you found lately?


  1. Looks like you stumbled upon some great things! Lucky, lucky you! :)


  2. Love the desk/table what a great find, some people have all the luck!

  3. You are going to have to bribe your husband, because those chairs SO need to be white! ;D



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