Monday, August 16, 2010

10 Minute Bolero Shrug Tutorial

Sorry for the laps in posting. Things have been a little crazy around here. Had my cousin's wedding on Friday, started back at work (kind of) on Tuesday, teething little man, and today is my husband and I's 7 year wedding anniversary! WOO HOO!!! I will post pictures of our little outing that I have planned for tonight (as its a secret to my husband) later this week.

But here is a little something I whipped up on Friday, hours before my cousin's wedding, and I didn't even wear it! I guess that sums me up right there. However, I was needing to find something to cover my... well for lack of a better term, my line backer arms! I made a skirt, which ended up being a disaster (again, sums me up) and I decided to wear a dress that was sleeveless, but I didn't want my arms to show. So, here's what I did:


Items Needed:

*Jersy Knit (or any other stretchy material) 1-2 sizes too big. (I used a shirt that was not big on me and I wish I had used something bigger, but you can use the same method and get better results than I did.)
*Sewing Machine
*Coordinating Thread
Step One:
Take your shirt and cut it about 8" up from the bottom seam.
Step 2:
Measure from the outside in by 6" and pin.
Step 3:
Do a Zig Zag stitch in between your pins, leaving the 6" open.

And then turn it inside out and slip it on over your arms! Here is how mine turned out, and you can see that it needs to be a little bigger on me as I have line backer arms and apparently their shoulders too.

Here's the back view where you can really see that it needs to be bigger on me. But like I said, use a bigger shirt and it will look great on you!


  1. That does like a quick method to make one!

  2. Aren't you so creative! Great idea! Happy Anniversary! I pray this will be the best year ever. 7 year such thing. Me....33 years.



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