Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dinosaur Peasant Shirt Tutorial

This tutorial doesn't have as many pictures due to the fact that I was so frustrated with my serger and sewing machine that I forgot to take pictures of the entire process. So I hope you will bear with me.

* Plain crew neck shirt (Got mine at Walmart in the boy's section for $3.00. I would also recommend you get a size larger as the elastic and cutting make it a little small.)
* 1/4" Elastic
* Bias Tape in the same color as the shirt, or similar.
(Supplies for Applique:)
* Contrasting cotton fabric
* Fusible Interfacing
* Thread
* Stitch Witchery, or clear nail polish.

I then went over to Little Blue Boo and used her Reverse Applique Tutorial along with her downloadable pattern for the T-Rex head. I was super happy with the results and even squealed a bit when I was done with it!
I then folded the shirt in half and cut the collar and the sleeves off, like so...
Now, this is where I didn't do a good job in taking pictures, but I took my serger and serged around the collar and each sleeve with a rolled hem stitch.

Then I took some bias tape, in white, and pinned it about a half inch under the serged hem, with the folds of the bias tape up against the inside of the shirt.

Then I stitched along the top and the bottom of the bias tape, trying to keep as close to the edge as I could get, leaving your ends open to put the elastic through.

Now, measure around the arm and collar of your little one (or yourself, this can easily be made into an adult shirt) and cut the correct length in 1/4" elastic.

Take your safety pin and snake the elastic in between the shirt and the bias tape. Stitch the ends of the elastic together, then stitch your bias tape closed as well.
Here is the end result. The best picture I could find as she is being a stinker in not wanting to pose for yet another creation her mom wants her to model. The nerve! I also stitched a little bow at the top of the dinosaur's head, to make it a little extra girlie. But I am so happy with it!


  1. YEAH!! I just made one of these for myself!!! Thanks so much, it was super easy! (I cant believe Ive waited so long to make one of these!!!)




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