Monday, January 11, 2010

Baby Boy's 1st Birthday

So, my little man turned 1 last week. *Sniff* And he's walking. *Gulp!* So I had to do a special little birthday party for him. I decided months ago to do a "Construction Theme" party. There was nothing that I could find locally that was construction themed, so I had to get a little creative. Sorry for the lack of pictures, but I wrapped the doors and windows in "CAUTION" tape that you can find at Lowes. I also made signs that said: "CAUTION SUGAR OVERLOAD OCCURRING" and "DANGER STICKY FINGERS" and "CAUTION KIDS AT WORK". It was pretty cute. I also wanted to make these fun cakes that I found from, the same site that I used to make the purse cake. Here's the link for all 31 fun cakes!

The recipe for both called for frozen pound cakes, but as I don't like pound cakes I just used yellow cake mixes that I already had. I had to alter the directions a bit, but not too much. Just the size was off. The dump truck was supposed to be red... but it turned out brown. Here's a fun little story for you. I can laugh about it now but last week I was a little ticked off at myself! Lol I had red food coloring and vanilla frosting. So I added the red coloring to the frosting and it turned pink. No problem, I thought, I'll just add more. Well after that ENTIRE bottle was empty, and it was still pink, I then thought, well I have yellow so I can just make orange frosting. That would work? Right? After that ENTIRE bottle of yellow the frosting was a wonderful shade of salmon. I CAN'T have a SALMON cake for my little BOYS BIRTHDAY!!!!!! That is one of those things that will seriously damage him! (Which he really wouldn't have cared, I think I was just a little frantic and didn't have enough stuff to make more.) So I freaked out and sent the hubs to the store at 10:30 at night. I told him to look for frosting pigment, the paste that makes the deeper colors. What does he bring? Food coloring. Well, I just had to make it work. So I added the second bottle of red and the other new bottle of yellow only making it a more rich color of salmon. At this point I am... well pissed off! Sorry for the language, but it was a disaster and I knew I wouldn't be able to con my husband into another trip to the store to get me more frosting so I could start over. After a few "mad scientist" concoctions, I ended up with a purply- brown that you could only tell if you had it under a really bright light. Deep breaths. Just thinking about it is making my blood pressure rise! So the moral of this story is to get the paste stuff FIRST, then proceed with the directions!

Here is the purple-brown dump truck and the personal sized bulldozer.
The back view with the Oreo and pretzel back. Yeah, it was yummy!
The bulldozer. By far my favorite one.
The fruits of my labor... literally.

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  1. Are you serious?? Those are stinking amazing!! And you've totally inspired me to make an amazing cake for my daughter's birthday!



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