Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hi, My Name Is Kelsee...

And I'm a Crochet-Aholic. I had to post something as I've been a little MIA lately. Sorry about that. Between getting myself organized, exercising, cleaning the snot out of my house and trying to keep the laundry situation under control, crafting has been put on hold for a bit. However, I have found my new favorite thing to do in the evenings. CROCHET! I have been wanting a cute hat for some time now with a brim and those cute straps across the brim, but I could not find a pattern I liked for free. So I caved and went into "Etsy-Land" and found the BEST pattern ever! Here is the link to Beth's Shop. It was so easy (if you have more talent than me, it took me a few "Mulligan's to get it right.) But the product has turned out so nice. Here are a few of my finished products. And I say a few, because this isn't all of the ones that I've made. Yeah, I have made at least 3 others. Once you get it down, its super easy and fast!

Hope everyone is well and enjoying their new year!


  1. Oh my goodness....SUPER cute! ;) I just may have to try making one of these! Thanks for sharing!


  2. oh yes I agree- way cute! I want one!!

  3. I used to crochet...This makes me want to make those! Did you buy a pattern or make it up?

  4. These turned out SOOOO cute! I love the stitch pattern for the top part!I also really like the way the band looks! Just so you know, if you want to make a button, just google "how to make a blog button" and several tutorials pop up. All you really have to do is create a photobucket account, then create a button using photoshop, or even Paint, upload it to photobucket, crop it to about 125x125 (or bigger or smaller) then get the code for it. Once you do that, I can get you a good tutorial to get the scroll box. I know this all sounds kind of scattered, but if you look up a tutorial, it can probably explain it better! Good luck!



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