Thursday, July 2, 2009

Remember when...

This was a project I did over the summer, but I still love them as much as I did then!!

Do you remember these?

Well, now they're these! Yes, I painted them in less than a month. Because I have so much red in my living room, red tables were just a little much. As much as I loved them, they just needed to be changed. So I painted them a very dark brown, looks almost black and sanded them down.

And my favorite part about them is that the red is still peeking through!!! I love them.

As we were watching HGTV's $250,000 Challenge, a designer said to cut open a fruit or veggie and look at all the shades in there. Nature doesn't clash colors. So I love red, and I did this with an apple and got totally inspired. This room is going to be red, cream, green, and dark brown. But now this chair needs some help. SLIP COVER HERE I COME!!!
Another little project that I did, that I have been on my husband to do for months but just has never taken care of it, is I took care of an eye sore.

Exhibit A:
Yes, you do see the surround sound speaker wire. Its been there for years.

Exhibit B:
My Handy Work (only took a nail and throwing away that AWFUL little shelf.)
Whew! Had a busy day! Now off to bed to dream of my next project. I'm thinking about windows!!!!


  1. That is good advice(about the fruit I mean). Love the tables- they do look good with the red hinting through.

  2. Interesting about the fruit--hmmm have to think more on that one. Hiding wires is always a problem so I give you two thumbs up for that idea!! I have tons of wires because of my old house---I don't always get them hidden either...I try--but we have lots of hanging wall lamps with wires and there isn't much I can do!!



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