Thursday, July 2, 2009

Goodwill Part

Thrifty Chic Decor is one of my favorite blogs. She shares my passion for making cheap decor that doesn't look cheap. She is hosting a Goodwill party today and I thought I would share a project of mine. This isn't new by any means, I have had this hanging up for a few years now, just never finished it. So last night I rolled up my sleeves and finished it.

Remember this?
I bought this window at a barn sale for $10 a few years ago. I decided to make it into a fun pot rack for the kitchen, but never put the pots on it. My mom had given me these really cool copper pots awhile back and they needed some cleaning and have been in my garage ever since.

So last night I hung the pots. And I added the lids and some odds and ends above my cabinets. I am a little angry with myself for not finishing this project before now because it looks AWESOME!

All in all this project cost me, around $12.00. We had to buy the hooks to hang it. The berries I had from an impulse buy that I got awhile back on sale. But I will have to change those out because when I paint my kitchen cabinets white, there needs to be a different color up there. Hope this inspires you to look through your garage and finish a project.

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