Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Giant Costume Post

Another year has gone by with costume making madness. This year I made a total of 4 costumes. Only one was for my family though. Let's get started with the cuteness!

Little Miss Sassy Pants decided to be Rapunzel a long time ago, so I started thinking of how to make it. I used the same format as the Versatile Shirt for the top. Just a tub with sleeves. Add some rick-rack, lace trim and some ribbon and you have a Rapunzel top. I also wanted to make her a tutu to make it extra fufu-ey! (Yes, that is a word)
I just straightened her hair (which makes her look like a teenager :-( ) and she was good to go!

Good thing I have a friend with a bridal shop as this is the dress I cut up to make the top. This dress would've fit her as is....whoever is this small is abnormal! The center piece of the top with the darker purple is from a bridesmaid alteration I did and kept the scrap fabric.
Now, my older sister conned me into making her and her husband's costumes. The only reason I agreed was because she supplied me with an endless amount of Diet Dr. Pepper and came over to help pin and iron seams and cut all the pieces out. Plus she asked me about 3 weeks in advance, which is very out of character for her as she usually calls about 3 days before she needs stuff done. They went as the Princess Bride and the Dread Pirate Roberts. Here is her hubs sporting the shirt I made. She did the sash and head piece (with fabric I had lying around).
And here is Princess Buttercup. The dress weighed about 47lbs as it was that stretchy velour stuff and was a bit of a pain to sew with as it kept shifting. Luckily I have my new machine as it took a fraction of the time to make than it would have with my other machine!
And the newest member of our family was festive as well. Here is baby Emma sporting her new little hair pretty I made for her. She is about 5 hours old in this picture. Baby and mommy are healthy and happy and I have gotten to sniff her squishy baby head a few times and it has been heavenly.

Now, I know that last year I made my son's costume too, but this year, due to all the other projects, and his particular interest in the Transformers, I got a screaming deal on his costume online and had to just buy it. We planned on making his Bumble-Bee costume out of boxes and foam, but decided that he would not be able to walk and that I just didn't have the time. He was very popular with all the little boys out there Trick or Treating. Plus, this is the only Transformer that he can actually say. So, win win.
No, I did not dress our dog up, but I had to share a nice little story with you all. Our dog decided to bust out of this joint and go on an adventure alone. On Friday night we were making pizzas and were in the midst of craziness and all of a sudden we realized that our dog was not inside. We searched everywhere and he was gone from our yard. Plus, it was cold and raining at that time as well. Trying to look for a black dog, in the dark, in the rain is almost impossible. We searched for hours, cried, called his name outside, cried some more. Then my husband decided to go look again, got the flashlight, and was going from the backyard and I heard something knock on the front door. I opened the front door and was greeted with a soaking wet, tired and cold dog that was wagging his tail so hard that his legs were shifting on the ground. We still don't know how he got out, but we are so thankful that he came home safe.
I hope you all had a safe and happy Halloween!

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