Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Candy Corn Hair Pretty Tutorial

Being in a festive mood, I decided to make my daughter and soon to be niece some festive hair pretties. These were super easy and fun to make!
*White, Orange, and Yellow fabric cut/torn into strips
*Felt or fleece for the body
*Sewing Machine
*Needle and Thread

Step 1: Cut 2 fleece or felt into a rounded triangle, one for the body and the other to hold your hair clip. I did two sizes. One for my 4 year old and on for a baby (That should be out any minute.. like, she's in the hospital on the OR table.)

Step 2: Cut/tear your fabric into strips of the same width. They don't have to be the same length, just need to be long enough to get ruffled and fit on your triangle. I made mine freakishly long, because it's easier to cut things off than to not have enough.
Step 3: Take your needle and thread and do a gathering stitch down the center of your strips. Do it to all three strips.

Step 4: Place them onto your triangle, overlapping the fabrics. You will pin these down and stitch on the top of the orange strip and then the yellow. This holds your fabric down so there aren't any holes.
This is before I pinned them and stitched them onto the triangle.
Step 5: After you have stitched your fabric strips down, flip your triangle over and stitch around your triangle, getting as close to the edge as you can get.
Step 6: Trim your extra fabric all the way around the edges. Then glue the second triangle you cut out onto the back, adding your alligator clip.

Add a little bow on the top and clip it onto your hair! I mean your kids' hair.I also made this little candy corn dress for baby Emma to go with the hair pretty. She has to be festive looking for her first Halloween!

Have Fun!

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