Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mom, You're Awesome!

This is what my sweet Zoe told me today. I almost burst into tears.

I asked her, "What makes mom awesome?" (Fishing for more compliments. Lol)

She said, "Because you make awesome dinners, awesome breakfasts and awesome lunches! You make awesome games for kids, awesome things for me to wear and you PLAY THE WII!!!"
Oh my sweet girl! It doesn't take much to get you excited. If you only knew that meal times are the furthest thing from my mind and the games that I make for you and your brother are so you both will sleep well at night and one day you will hate the things I make for you, but for now, I will take whatever you've got.

My week has been a difficult one. Both my babies have been sick and Zoe now has strep throat. I have not slept through the night for over a week, I'm exhausted, drained and overwhelmed. So to have my little girl say what she did to me after a week of not being able to help them, make them feel better, breathe, sleep, keep their fevers at bay, cleaning up constantly and forgetting to eat, made me squeeze that little blue eyed babe a little longer.

I will be back as soon as my house is done being under quarantine!

1 comment:

  1. oh how sweet is that! they sur eknow how to melt our hearts, don't they. :) praying for a better week for you! hugs!



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