Saturday, January 1, 2011

Just A Couple of Things

Once again, I did a completely homemade Christmas for my family, not my kids. We were able to actually give our kids a nice Christmas this year, however, I would have liked to have made them something but time wouldn't allow. But for everyone else, I made things. As I had taken my sweet and precious time making everything, I didn't get pictures of everything. But here are a few of what I did make.

I saw this bag over at Bushel and a Peck a long time ago and I absolutely loved it! My sister does not own a purse. Not a single one. I know, she's nuts! But she has been asking for a tote to take with her to church. I made this out of cream burlap that I had and I used an old skirt for the lining. I loved the way it turned out but I HATED making it!!!!! Burlap is the devil. Don't let anyone fool you into thinking it's easy to sew with. Um, no! But I finished it and washed it with copious amounts of fabric softener so it made it a lot less rough. I love it and told my sister that the second she's done with it, I want it back. For the amount of time I put into this, I am NOT going to let it get tossed!

Remember a few weeks ago when I said that I won a Silhouette machine? Well I got it!!!! I'm still trying to figure it out, but here are a few things that I made using it.

Exhibit #1: A vintage looking shirt for one of my nephews.

Exhibit #2: A shirt that sums up my other nephew.

Now I wish those shirts were my idea, but I totally copied Cheri's ideas over at I Am Momma-Hear Me Roar. Yup, total copy cat with these. But the were just so dang cute and easy to make I couldn't help myself.

These last two pictures were taken on my phone, so they aren't the greatest, but I did a little bit of crocheting this year as well. My mother-in-law asked for a shawl for Christmas, so I made her one.
And this hat was for my brother in-law. He said it is the most comfortable hat he owns, which made me happy. He has a weird shaped head, so I was nervous it wasn't going to fit.

Items I did not take pictures of: A Jewelry Hanger made out of an old shudder I had, and a clutch bag that I made out of a pair of corduroys and fabric I had on hand, and two newsboy hats for my nieces that looked like the one I made my daughter.

What did I spend in making all these gifts? Less than $50 for all of it! Most of my gifts were free, things that I already had or refashioned and the rest was pretty cheap to get the stuff for. I loved making things this year, just felt a little stressed out. Next year I am going to start WAY earlier, like in July, and have everything done before Thanksgiving. Then I can just enjoy the holiday!

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  1. Great gifts! I love the ruffly purse and the mustache shirt.



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