Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Honest Chaos

The other day my husband emailed me this article about how parents sometimes "sugar coat" how things really are at their house. At first I was a little offended that he would send me this, but then I was honest with myself and realized that I am in that category that is not completely honest about how things go around this house. But who really wants to know how bad things can get around here?

Well, here it is. Honest pictures of how my house usually looks. No, I'm not proud of it, but it happens. I strive daily to make it better, but I feel like the longer it takes me to clean something, the faster my kids destroy it! Gotta love those little mess makers.

Here is my kitchen. This is actually fairly clean compared to other days. Those pans in the sink, yeah, I hate hand washing dishes. Not sure why, I just do.
This is how my living room usually looks. Littered with toys, the pillows are actually on the couch here but they are usually all over the floor, and blankets all over. We make a lot of forts in our house.
This is the basket of laundry that I have had to refold at least 7 times because my kids get a hold of it and scatter it all over the house. This happens on a regular basis, I try and finish a chore, get sidetracked due to kids beating each other up and I have to go be the referee, leaving my chore vulnerable to destruction.
This is my daughter's room. No matter how many times I try and organize her room, it looks like this every day. But at least her toys are getting loved and played with.
And this room is my arch nemesis. It's my son's room. He has lots of books, which he feels look better on the floor and not in his book shelf his grandpa built him, and all of his toys on the floor and not in the toy box his grandpa made him as well. I have reached a point with his room that I have given up. No matter how many times I clean his room, he comes up behind me and destroys it instantly. And, unlike his sister, he will not clean up his messes. He's two and his favorite word is "NO!" Go figure.
Lately I haven't been able to do a lot of sewing, crafting, or creating of any kind due to not only dealing with my two kids, but having the baby that I watch during the day be strapped in the Moby Wrap all day makes any kind of project nearly impossible. So there you have it. My honest life. We eat out way more than we should due to me not wanting to make anything after being on my feet all day. And I only let my kids watch tv from the time they get up until after breakfast and only PBS (because we don't have cable and public television is educational and teaches them something new.) I'm not perfect, but I do my best. Guess that's what really matters. I love my kids, even though they can drive me up the wall at times, but I wouldn't trade my life for anything!

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