Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Design Intervention

Alright ladies, I need your help to save my nerves and quite possibly my marriage. I'm kidding on the last one. The husband and I have very different ideas on what makes a room inviting and cozy. I have been feeling a little like we live in a cave with our living room. Don't get me wrong, I love the colors, but the walls are just so dark! I was the one that picked out the red and the chocolate brown but now I'm not loving it.

It's time for a change as I painted both walls over 4 years ago!
My husband wants to keep it dark as he loves the old lodge/tavern look. Dark wood, dark walls, warm lighting, a little color thrown in here and there. Like this:
And don't get me wrong, this look is warm and cozy and is nice...when you go out, not to live in.

This is my idea of a gorgeous room! Light, airy, a splash of color here and there. I would want a little more of a bright color splashing, but the idea is there. Now a white couch with my kids would be suicide, but we have nice suede beige colored furniture.

I am not opposed to dark wood or rich earth tones at all. But I need your help. What do you suggest we do?


  1. I say go with a bit of both. Off white walls so you get the nice clean look, go with dark wood for the furniture and darker pictures. Change the curtain color to a lighter color so you get more natural light, or make it so you can pull the curtains all the way back.

    The picture you posted of what you like looks bright and airy due to the HUGE doorway. Natural light is going to make any room look more inviting.

  2. You can compromise. It is very simple. The wall can remain. I would keep the red, because it is very pretty. I would paint the wall with the window a lighter color, similar to the pumpkin shade as in the picture below. Then go with nice wood fixtures, and the beige furniture. The trick to keep it from being so "dark" is lighting. Lighting is your friend! I would research some websites, or look into some magazine about how to help keep the room airy and light, but still have the warm colors. I love the colors. You can use throw pillows and accents in lighter colors as well to help lighten up the room too. I think additions such as candles help. I love Vanilla candles. I have them everywhere. LOL. I understand wanting light, but it can be too much. Find your balance. I think it will turn out really nice. Maybe even lighten up the red wall just a touch. I will look for some pictures for you. I love this kind of stuff. I can't wait for Carl and I to move to a house so we can start painting...lol. He is gonna kill me, but I love it. :-)

  3. He gets the outside of the house, you get the inside!

  4. even though i'm not a lady, i thought i'd give my two cents... ;)

    i suggest painting the walls a lighter color. maybe a light brownish/grey (goes with everything)

    and then if/when you can incorporate a couple masculine/darker pieces into the room. maybe a leather chair? you could even make some frames out of old wood (an old pallet works great) and frame some rustic images.

    it's all about balance. both give an take a bit.



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