Sunday, November 28, 2010

Semi-Homemade Christmas Feature: Foster Kade Designs

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving, I know I did. My stretchy pants came in handy. And due to the holiday week/weekend, I have fallen WAY behind on my features! So be prepared for a few posts a day for the next few days. Now onto the feature!
I would like to introduce you to the sweetest shop ever.
My sister-in-law introduced this shop to me, with the Emery Lin bag. I then started to read more about Angie, creator of Foster Kade Designs, and was incredibly touched by her story and how she got started and what her motivation was to make her creations. Here is her story:

I started making little items to sell etsy about 2 years ago after my 2nd son was born. it was a fun little side hobby and gave me a creative outlet. i would jump up and down every time i sold an item (which was once every other month :). our hearts have always stirred toward adoption and after carrying and giving birth to 2 amazing little boys, we longed to expand our family. we started pursuing Chinese adoption in 2009, and i would sit in my little itty bitty craft room and dream of making something to give to my daughter. it seemed so far away and we were no where close to having enough funds to proceed any further in the process.
The Emery Lin. Day to Night Clutch. Gray and Red
so i made a little bag to carry and think of her. i took photos and listed on etsy and called it my Emery Lin bag, in honor of my future daughter. a week later, that bag was featured on a blog (read it here: and i sold 80 in one weekend!! i was totally blown away (and also pretty stressed out :) to have so many people purchase my sweet little bag, and to see God provide for us in such a cool way. after that surge, my little business kept going and i've been able to fund a significant part of our adoption in a way i would have never dreamed. i've made over 450 of my Emery Lin bags, and each one makes me stop for just a moment and marvel at the person who will soon be carrying it...and knowing they are playing a role in bringing our daughter home. it's so humbling and awesome at the same time!! someday i'll get to show her all of the orders...the love, the time, the amazing community of people all over the world who helped bring her home. i can't wait :)

oh, and a few weeks ago, my items were featured on Under the Sycamore...if you don't read her blog yet, you should start inspiring!!!
Everyday Style. Handmade flower headband. Dark Purple on Gray
read more about our family here:
keep up to date with our adoption here:

Isn't she just amazing?!
Here are a few more of her creations!
The Emery Lin. Day to Night Clutch and Wristlet. Amy Butler - Full Moon polka dot in Lime
Everyday Style. Handmade flower headband. Olive on Gray and Black
I just love the Emery Lin bag and knowing that it is aiding a sweet little girl to get a loving home makes it even more special. See, I have a very soft spot in my heart for adoption. My grandparents adopted a Native American boy when he was just a few weeks old. I have grown up loving my Uncle Shane and so grateful that my grandparents added him to their family as I cannot imagine my childhood without him.
(This is my Uncle Shane and my mom being silly at our Sunday dinners)

Angie is offering as her holiday special FREE SHIPPING on all bags purchased by December 1st! And if you are wanting to get one of her fabulous items as a gift for Christmas, you must order before December 5th!
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