Monday, November 29, 2010

Semi-Homemade Christmas Feature: Airport Love Story

Hello Ladies!!! Today's feature is AWESOME!!! It truly has a little bit of everything for everyone!

Anna, owner and creator, has the best style! I simply love her cards. Last year I made some cards for my sister-in-law for Christmas and she loved them. Do you have someone that is a habitual card sender? Why not give them GORGEOUS cards to send?
Like this gorgeous set! These are $6.00 for a set of 18! Um, holy cow! That's a deal!!!
And these and these! YUMMY!!!!
And her talents are not limited to just note cards! She also has adorable vintage inspired jewelry!

Here is a little bit about Anna and her inspirations and how she got started!

I've always been creative. Both of my parents are musical, and my crafty mom stayed home with us when we were little, and gave us lots of fun things to do and make. My sister Lindsay ( taught me how to put a bead on a headpin and loop the top, and ever since then I've been making jewelry non-stop.
I find inspiration in all sorts of places. I'm especially inspired by nature, like birds, plants, ocean life, and the sky ... and by all things vintage, like ephemera, old jewelry, early 1900s fashion, maps, and toys.

In preparation for the holidays, I've opened a new shop, and reopened an old one. So, while you can still find pretty jewelry and romantic mini-notecards, you can also find cute button studs, rings, magnets, and pushpins at, and beads and other supplies Yes, it's a little crazy to have three functioning shops, but it's so worth it. I hope to do my 'arts & crafts' full time one day, so three shops makes for a good challenge along the way. :)

Anna's shops are up and ready! But be sure to have your order in before December 10th, or you won't have them in time for the holidays!
Don't forget to enter for the Giveaway here!

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  1. I've read this over and over again and every time I do, I get a bigger smile than the last! :)

    Thank you so much for featuring me on your very lovely blog, and for bringing me big smiles! :)

    Thanks to all who've visited!

    <3 Anna



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