Friday, October 15, 2010

Photography Attempts

Our family takes a trip to the most wonderful place in the world every fall. Green Bluff in Spokane, WA There are apple orchards, pumpkin patches, corn mazes, hay rides, fresh baked goods (including Pumpkin Doughnuts, hot out of the oil! So good!), pumpkin cannons that shoot pumpkins hundreds of feet in the air... you name it, they have it and it's AWESOME! It is my favorite thing to do every fall and it is also an amazing place to take wonderful family pictures.

This was our first year as a family going. I didn't get very many good pictures, but I tried.
This was the second year, me 6 months pregnant (a month later I was put on bed rest) and again I didn't get very many good pictures of us, mostly because I was trying to focus on breathing than taking pictures.
But this year, I really tried hard to get good pictures of my kids. I was on a mission and I think the kids were so sick of me by the end of the day. I have been reading a lot of blogs with advice on good picture taking and I tried really hard to capture the best moments.
It's not too bad for a point and shoot camera. I use Picasa to edit my pictures and clean them up. However, I need some more advice! Do any of you know of any great photography blogs that has great advice on better picture taking?


  1. Hey chick...cute pics! Good job! ;) Ok...not like I'm all "pro" or anything, but I do have a couple of photo "rules" that I go by...not like my two cents means anything...LOL!

    1. lighting is key...natural light is the BEST
    2. I love to take candid or "natural" shots, especially with can capture them being themselves. :)
    3. editing is awesome. I use photoshop elements. It's cheaper than regular photoshop. You can downloaded lots of awesome filters for it too...
    4. take your camera everywhere...never know when you're gonna wish you had it
    5. take as many pics as you can
    Not sure if that helped any...probably all tips that you knew already! :) Happy picture taking!


  2. is a GREAT site to edit/enhance your photos. I use it to enhance ours and i've had lots of compliments on the "professional" quality of the pictures....everyone is shocked when they find out I took and edited the pictures myself.


  3. You did a great job. I'm a photographer. ;) 2 great tips for you:

    Stay slightly above your subject, if possible. You did great on a couple of the shots, but a good rule for all shots! Provides a good flattering angle. And look up "rule of thirds" on google. For composition. ;) Again - you nailed it in a couple of your shots! And a compliment to you for not trying so hard to get perfect pictures - candids always look best in the end! No saying cheese!!! Lol.

    And pssst, you made over your blog! Now yours looks better than mine! ;)

  4. Good job! I don't know or I would help! I just kinda do the same thing. :) About the puppy, they live right across state line.they still have a chocolate girl left (they are labs) and they are AKC registered but we got ours for $275 instead of $500! They are ready to go now, though, so if it's for Christmas you might just want to keep looking in the nickel's worth. But, labs are AMAZING with kids. We have a 6 yr. old chocolate girl, too.



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