Monday, October 18, 2010

Dear Husband...

Dear Husband,

As my birthday is on Wednesday, I would like to give a few last minute ideas for gifts for me... stocking stuffers really. Just a few little things that would make me tremendously happy.

1. A beautiful mug for my coffee/tea in the morning. I feel that it tastes better when you have a pretty cup to enjoy it in!

2. An adorable apron that I didn't have to make! Even though this one from Anthropologie would be incredibly easy to copy and make.

3. A pair of adorable heals. I feel it's time for me to have something cute to wear on our seldom dates that we go on. These are from

4. A fabulous winter coat! I may be stopped by a modelling agent at any time, so I need to look good no matter where I go. (Yeah right! I just really need a new coat!) This one is from Old Navy

5. Last but not least, a 2011 Ford Edge. We have been a one car family for 3-5 years (due to your truck becoming fossilized in our driveway for the last 3 years), and I have been a good sport about it for a very long time. We have been talking about getting this car for some time now and frankly, if you got this for me for my birthday, you would be exempt from gifts for at least a year! And yes, I would like a red one!

There is my list of a few extra things, on top of the fabulous things you have already gotten me, I'm sure.

Your Darling, Sweet, Loving, Wonderful Wife


  1. I have those silvery blue with black. Burlington coat factory for like 12.99! That was 3 years ago but go check!

  2. Oh my goodness, your post cracked me up! Glad you had a good birthday, I love your sense of humor.



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