Wednesday, March 17, 2010


A few weeks ago I posted about my frustrations of being tall, large, shapes and not being able to find jeans for a woman of my body type. Alyssa over at the Persnickety Peacock posted a comment about getting her jeans at Coldwater Creek, as she has the same problem as I do, her being 6' and all. Well, after I got over my sticker shock a bit, I looked in the "Outlet" section and I think I heard the faint sound of angels in the background as that page opened... or maybe I just don't get out much and have to add theme songs to everything I do. I'm going to stick with the first one, its much more dramatic. I digress. I found two pairs of jeans that were long, 36" inseam, for under $20!!! Both pairs were originally over $70! WHOA!!! And the best part is that not only does my Boo-tay look fabulous in them, mostly because my crack is not inching its way out, but I can also wear heals with them! Its a rare occurrence for me to be able to wear pants and heals at the same time! So thank you Alyssa! You totally rocked my world and opened a whole new place for me to spend my money (well, the money that my husband earns so I can stay home. But its all the same, right?)

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  1. YEAH! I'm so happy you found some good ones! I told you...they are EXPENSIVE! However, I always find a way to put them in the budget because I think they are totally worth it. Don't know if I told you the first time, but be careful drying them. They will shrink up over time.



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