Monday, February 22, 2010

The Frustrations of a Tall Girl

This has absolutely nothing to do with crafts... this is a vent post. Sorry ladies. As we all are built in different sizes, shapes, colors, all that jazz, why is there never anything tailored to a tall mom?! At Old Navy, their "Tall" lengths of pants only go up to a 34" inseam! I am 5'11", and I need at least a 36" inseam!!!! Oye Ve! And, to top it all off, not only am I tall, but I am... how shall I say this? Larger than the average person. So when I need to find things in a longer length I always have to go to the "Normal" side of the store and get their biggest size, which usually is still too short, because all the "Plus Sized" clothes are manufactured by morons! Do they honestly think that all large women are also short?! And when I do find the uber long jeans that I love, they are so low in the butt that I am constantly hiking my pants up in fear that I'm showing off more of the goods than I should!

So I will ask you ladies, if you know of anyone that has the same problem as me, or if you yourself has the same problem as I do, WHERE DO WE SHOP?!!!! Is it too much to ask for a pair of jeans that isn't showing off my "Coin Slot" and also doesn't make me look like I'm getting ready for a flood?!

Ok, I'm done now. But if you have any suggestions on how to rectify this situation or any great stores that I can check out, please let me know!


  1. Aaaaahhh!!!!! I know!! I'm only just under 5'9", and jeans are usually pretty easy to find, but shirts!! Apparently tall people all have short torsos and narrow shoulders?? If I do find a store with "tall" shirts, they only have like three different styles, and they're $40 each! I would have to sell my car to get a wardrobe! :o( P.S. I know the models wearing the clothes in the ads are tall, so how do they make them look like they fit?

  2. So, I'm 6" tall, and I have the same issue. Here is my suggestion. Coldwater Creek. Don't shake your head and think...I'm not that old. I'm 30 and consider myself rather trendy, but they have some awesome dark trouser jeans that rock. They only carry longs on the web-site, and search for a coupon before you order. If there is a store near you...go there and order. You get free shipping. I promise...they are wonderful. I get compliments on them all the time. One drawback...they are a little expensive...hence, the coupon idea above. Oh, and don't dry them. I had a pair that I dried and over time they shrunk up in length. Good luck!

  3. You know what's funny? I'm 5'6" and a plus size and I have the opposite complaint... why are pants soooo long? lol But I finally found the perfect jeans at Lane Bryant. They have a line called Right fit that's cut for different body types (curvy, straight, booty-licious) and their long inseams are 35 1/2". I have to get the petites for my short little legs, lol. They're awesome jeans though... they have all the trendy cuts too. :o)



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