Friday, September 4, 2009

Repurposed T-Shirt into a Library Bag Tutorial

After feeling like I have been swimming in a sea of "Sickies" I decided last night that I wanted to make my daughter a fun "Library Bag". It literally took me a half hour to make and I think it turned out so cute!

Here's what you need:

*Old T-Shirt (I used one with a design on it, but you totally don't have to)
*Fabric scraps (For the top of the bag and the handles)

I first cut out the size and shape of my bag by laying out my t-shirt on my cutting board. I took my razor cutter (my favorite thing, just watch your fingers) and my straight edge and cut it out. I wanted hers to be a little deeper, but not too wide. This way we can fit lots of books in all different shapes in there.

I then cut my top border the same width as my t-shirt. Mine was 12 1/2". And then I cut the straps. Not sure how long I did these, but just make them long enough that you can carry it for your child, but not too long that the bag drags on the ground when your little one carries it.

Once I had all my pieces cut I ironed my top border in half and then folded each side at a quarter of an inch in.

Then I pinned the border top to the t-shirt body (this way I only had to sew once, saved me some time).

With the straps I just folded the fabric, right sides together, and did a seam down the side. I then turned it inside out with a safety pin and ironed it flat.

After you put the border top onto your t-shirt, pin them all together, right sides together. Then just sew along the outer edges, like a pillow case.

I then stitched the straps onto the bag, getting as close to the side seams as possible and made a square around the strap.

And that's it! I did add a flower onto her bag just for a little extra frills, because can't have too much frilly things!

This was fun to do and was such a big hit with my little girl! Now once these kids are better, we will be off to the library to fill it with KNOWLEDGE!!!!!


  1. Cute!!! I've been wanting a library bag for quite some time now... now I've found the perfect solution! It's so hip looking! Love it!

  2. What a cute idea! Very creative.



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