Thursday, August 27, 2009

Gift for Under $5.00 Part III

I have really enjoyed making all these gifts as of late, not only because I love the sense of accomplishment of seeing a finished product, but because I know that I made something for very little (if not nothing) and it is special for that one person. Here is a fun baby gift idea. This is for the baby shower I am going to this evening and I figure that my reader that it is for won't be checking her blogs today as she will be driving up here to attend her shower.

So here they are:

The blocks are super easy, just cut out 6- 6" squares, sew 4 squares into a line and then add the extra two squares on the top to form a "T", then just sew the sides together. I used some extra flannel and the top squares are some denim that I was going to make something else out of, but never finished.

Don't you just love these?! I used the same denim as the squares for the outside and some extra fleece I had for the lining. I got the pattern from this site. They were very easy to make as well and the only thing I had to buy on this was the elastic which was about $1. I did the applique on the top and hand stitched around the dinosaur and its back. It was very east and I just love how warm then are.

So there you have it. Another installment of "Gifts for Under $5.00!" If you have any questions on how to make these, please let me know. I will be more than happy to assist your crafty needs!

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