Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sanderson Strikes Again!!

This is the window frame from my dining room. It has been green for a few year (very strange for me, I like to paint things on a regular basis.) I put the kids to bed and then went to work on this one. I had painted it black, or what was supposed to be black. I got the black paint a year ago so I could paint my kitchen table or at least the bottom part and the chairs, but I am going to do something different (again, I change my mind as often as the weather changes in North Idaho!)

Here it is all painted, three coats was perfect. It turned out like a really dark chocolate brown and I am actually really happy with it!

Here it is all sanded and hanging up on my wall and my reflection taking the picture. Lol I'll work on that!

This is a "ROUGH" idea of what it will look like when I'm done with it. I need to find either some fun wallpaper or fabric or paper so I can make a frame on the backside and then put big pictures in it. These pictures were taken last year on Zoe's 1st birthday, but I never put them up and now we have another critter, so it would be weird if I hung these and didn't have any of Cooper in there too. I'll post the finished product when I find what I am looking for!

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