Thursday, July 2, 2009

Finally Finished!!!

After 5 months, this room is finally finished! Here is our journey!

This was the color before the room was painted. It was a fun girl room but in the sun this room was a little too pink. (I was just really excited about having a girl!)

You can see the chandelier a little bit here. But little boys and chandeliers just don't mix well.

This was the finished paint job. Nice and clean.

And here it is! This is Zoe's bed (yes with an Elmo and Zoe pillow, but she just loves them!)

These pictures were done by my sister-in-law. We just printed off some characters online and gave them to her and she went to work! Aren't they amazing?!

This one is my favorite, but they are all so good that it is hard to pick!

These are from Kohl's. They were $5 and went to charity. So the next time they have them I will stock up and get the ones that we don't have. I just love them!

I wrote this above their closet. Might need a little more color up there, but for now I am happy with it.

I just love doing kids' rooms! You have so much freedom to do all the fun things that you can't do in your normal living space. I might just have to have more kids so I can do more rooms... Well, maybe not that. Let's not get ahead of ourselves!


  1. Love it!! How cute is that and you'll be reading Dr. Suess to them for years to come!

  2. Cute cute room! Love all the paintings your SIL did.

  3. SO cute! I love Dr. Seuss. I wish I would have thought of this when my boys were younger!

  4. Darling with out going over the top. YKWIM? I love how the bedding is not Seuss, but coordinates because it is fun. Just the right balance.

  5. Great job! My little guy loves Dr. Seuss, too!

  6. Oh, this is cool! What a perfect nursery theme!

  7. Kelsee! I love this room! Dr. Seuss is our fave around here. Emma chooses one of his books every night (even if it's a repeat) - we never tire of them. I really like the little pictures, and of course the writing on the wall just tops everything off! Great job.




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