Monday, April 18, 2011

Please, Oh Please, Oh Please, Oh Please!!!!!

Do you remember when you were a kid and you wanted something so bad, but your parents kept saying no? No matter how many times you begged and pleaded with them, researched, wished, begged more, tried to bargain, sweet talked, they always said no?

Welcome to my world and I'm 26!

Ok, so my husband and I had a dog together about 6 years ago. I researched for months and found this great rescue group locally that had basset hounds, because I just love their floppy ears. I saw this story about this poor dog that was rescued from the shelter, he was skin and bones, very neglected and was just so sad. So I went and got him. We loved that guy. He was our baby, before we had any babies! One day, my sister was over with my niece who was a little over a year old, and he bit her. I know it was a territorial thing, he was making sure this little critter wasn't going to take his place as the top dog. So we had to return him. We were devastated. We only had him for a few months and he was our boy. We fattened him up, got him to not be afraid of the vacuum, and learned that he can snore like an 80 year old man.
(This is what he looked like.)
Now, we have talked about getting a dog for some months. I have never gotten my husband to agree to any of them, not even to see them! But I found this guy on Craigslist on Saturday. He is a 2 year old lab/bloodhound mix. He's great with kids, doesn't bark, incredibly gentle, up to date on his shots, is already fixed and is FREE. The reason the family is getting rid of him is because he is not good with goats. Seeing as how I am not good with goats either, I think we are safe. The really good news is that my husband has FINALLY decided that he wants to meet this guy... after lots of moping, sighing, pouting, and given a giant load of guilt trips, from me. We are hopefully going to meet him on Wednesday and I am so excited that I am like a hyperactive dog on Halloween!

Doesn't he just look so sweet?! He looks like he could be named "Doc" or "Henry" or "Bernie."
So, I need all your good thoughts, prayers, cross your fingers, eyes, toes, arms, legs and anything else you can think of to cross. I want this guy to come to our home and be our new buddy.

Deep breath!

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  1. Tell your hubby that the dog's pointy head is a sign of intelligence! We always call that the "knowledge bump." LOL (I don't know if it's true everywhere, but at least in our case, our pointy-headed dog was way smarter than the un-pointy-headed ones we've had.) Yes, I'm serious :) He looks like a handsome boy, I hope he comes home with you!



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