Monday, November 22, 2010

Makes Me Giggle Monday

As I stay home now, Monday's don't hold the same amount of dread as it used to. I used to be the one that would almost cry every time the alarm went off on Monday mornings. Not that I hated my job, just because I dreaded what I had waiting for me in my email and voicemail from over the weekend. I was the head of a department and every day I would deal with hundreds of emails and have no less than 10 voicemails waiting for me with problems. I was also handling about four peoples' jobs right before I left. No wonder I went into pre-term labor and was forced on bed rest for two months. I was so stressed out! But one thing that I loved was a friend at work would send me a Monday joke and I would get a little crabby if he didn't! So in honor of my dear friend Adam, I am starting my new little fun thing called "Makes Me Giggle Monday." Just a little pick me up for the day!

I don't know about you, but I LOVE the E-Trade Baby commercials! I cannot get enough of them! This one made me giggle the other day, I hadn't seen it before and my husband showed it to me. I made him play it about four times in a row. So I hope you enjoy!

Happy Monday!

And check back later today when I start my Semi-Homemade Christmas Series! There will be lots of fun things and loads of eye candy!

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