Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Cupcakes for World Peace

Today is one of those days. You know those days, stayed up all night with sick kids, kids get up and are fighting with one another, coffee isn't keeping you awake, house is a mess, kids still fighting, barely took a shower (amazing that that happened at all), and there is no end in sight. I put the kids in their swim gear and sent them outside with the sprinkler on so they can get their wiggles out and give me a moment to clean up.
Well, last night my in-laws came over for dinner, which was so fun, and my mother-in-law made some mini cupcakes for the kids. They each got two. My daughter ate hers... more like inhaled them, while my son licked his for a while and then when he dropped it on the deck he picked it back up and ate it (don't judge, I can't stop the kid from eating off the floor, he's like a puppy!) Now, my son (18 months) gets distracted easily and forgot about his other cupcake, so I put it in the fridge so he could have it today.
After this day's dramatic and chaotic tone I was feeling like I needed something to pick me up. I knew that a third cup of coffee would be a VERY bad idea, so I went hunting, as all good mom's do. The kids' Shrek GoGurts didn't look appealing, the peanut butter was a possibility, and the strawberries had fuzz on them. Then I saw it. The little mini cupcake. This cute and sweet cupcake with chocolate frosting and chocolate sprinkles. It seemed to emanate its own light, like a wonderful halo beaconing to me. I stood there with the fridge wide open as I thought long and hard about this delicate bundle of sweetness's fate. If I gave this single cupcake to one child, the fit from the other would be monumental, and quite frankly I didn't think my brain could handle anymore screaming.
After lots of deep and profound things inside my brain (Madagascar, love that King Jullian), I took that luscious little ray of sunshine in my hand and took it upon myself to alleviate any more contention between my children and sacrificed my thighs to its empty caloric goodness. Something wonderful happened. My attitude changed completely. I went into a happy place of thrift stores with every single thing I wanted, money to buy it, a clean house, happy children in clean clothing, with clean faces and hands, giggling, not screaming. It was heavenly and has continued!
So here's my thoughts: Why don't we just give cupcakes to anyone in a bad mood? It would make us all so much happier! Don't you agree?

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  1. You are a funny, funny girl...and I would have done the exact same thing! Right now I'm thinking about the chocolate pudding in the fridge...LOL! ;)




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