Sunday, June 13, 2010

Farm Chick Sale Finds

I know that I'm over a week late in posting this, but we had our annual garage sale over the weekend and the thought of pulling more stuff out was just not going to happen for me. So here's my loot!!! I swear to you all that that show is the best, most fun, most inspiring place I have ever been to! So many people, so many booths with TONS of eye candy, and all the vendors were so nice and helpful! Lots of fun! I highly recommend saving up your dollars and heading to Spokane, WA next June! You will not be disappointed!

I got these fun license plates and road sign for the boy's "Route 66" themed room that I'm doing. I love the rust on the green one! People looked at me when I grabbed it like I was crazy!
I got this little wonder from a booth that was next to the Vintage Barn Rolaine at the Vintage Barn is doing her very popular barn sale July 10th, so if you are in the North West, you don't want to miss it!!! But this item was made from barn wood. I am going to fill it with some moss or something and put candles in it on my kitchen table.
I got this little gem from the wonderful ladies at Funky Junk These ladies had the coolest stuff! I just wandered around to look at all the cool things they had! This is also going in the boy's room.
Now I have been looking for a rusty star for some time, so when I saw this one I squealed! Literally! It made people turn and look at me. The stick/sphere thing is going to get some TLC and become a topiary for my girl's room. The fun tin pan in the back is going to get some chicks and hens planted in it. I have a white one that needs a friend.
I have been looking for an old crate for some time as well! When I saw this I was hooked by its fun and bright colors. Now, I am more of a Pepsi gal, but I love this so much with its metal detail and red and yellow print. Love it!
This was my all time favorite piece of the day. It's a child sized rocking chair. It was only $24!!! This is going in my girl's room and she loves it!
Here is the link to photos of the show itself. I brought my camera but apparently I didn't check the batteries, so I was unable to take any pictures :(

My next post will be of my garage sale cast offs that I got for FREE!!!! I have a very tight budget for these kids rooms, so when we find things for free, you grab it up!!!


  1. Such good finds!! I love digging around out of the way places to find just the right item for a room. Looks like it was a great day!!


  2. Well, I am so glad you had fun in our booth! I love what you got and I remember you=)!! Have fun digging at the next show, I'll be at Chaps Latah Market just outside of Spokane July 10 & 11!



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