Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Baby Shower Gift

What a week. And not in a good way. Sorry for the absence. Its probably a good thing as I would just sit and rant about every bad thing that is going on and then sit and eat candy all day.

Instead of boring you with all that, here is my little baby shower gift for my dear friend Suzie from Suzie Homemaker We are friends from school/church when we were younger and she is having another boy soon. I was unable to go to her shower as I hurt my back (yet another fun thing that happened), so she gets to see the pictures before I mail them to her in Utah.

Have you heard of the Cricut?! Well, sadly, I had no idea what it was until my mom informed me that she bought one for my sister and I to share. I wasn't super excited about it, because I was confused as to what it does, but now... WHERE HAS IT BEEN ALL MY LIFE?!!!!! It cuts everything! Including fabric! Did you know this?! Well, here is a super easy idea for your next shower when you are short on cash and time.

All you need is a package of plain onesies, scraps of fabric (mine came from the car seat! Lol), your favorite iron on adhesive (mine is Heat 'n' Bond) and thread.

Iron your fabric to your iron on adhesive, cut out the pattern you want, iron it on, and hand stitch or use your sewing machine and stitch around your fabric applique! That's it! I hand stitched these, just because they look more boy-ish that way to me.
Love baby feet!
My kids call this the Pirate one.

This is what we call our son and I have a feeling that Suzie's little boys are "Bubba Boys" too.
There you have it! Easy, inexpensive and uber cute! Enjoy!


  1. So Cute! And by the way, I love your new button, I'm adding it right now!

  2. ok, so i just went to add your button but it's not working, I'll try again later, as it might just be my computer acting up.

  3. wow - am I pleased I found your blog - I have a cricut expression - I did not know it cut fabric - I have recently got into learning to sew and so am delighted - will have to go and play - thank you - fab blog

  4. just stumbled across your blog and have really enjoyed reading! How do you cut the fabric with the cricut? Do you just treat it like paper and stick it to the mat??



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