Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Christmas Craft

During our "Ladies Craft Day," as payment for the men going camping, my sister-in-law started making one of these:

Its just Jute Twine and a Styrofoam cone. I just thought it was so cute and rustic yet modern (or so I think any ways) that I had to make one myself. However the problem was is that it was too small and too lonely!
So I made it some friends! Just take your glue gun and wrap the twine around the cones. You don't have to glue every single row. As long as you are making them tight and close together you can do it about every 4 rows.


  1. Really cute! I'm actually making some similar to these using silver tinsel. We'll see how they turn out. :) Happy Thanksgiving!


  2. love this...in fact..you can consider this a ditto to all of your other xmas crafts...I of course had higher hopes for my christmas crafting this year but those pesky law finals kept on getting in the way..the nerve...you are so creative! I really like your style Kels...and I still love your Titanic impressions. And yes...Mike's footy pajamas are a frightful sight, which is why I saw it fitting to share it as a sign of our holiday wishes.

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