Saturday, October 31, 2009

My First Halloween Costumes!

I feel as if I have run a marathon in the last few days! Staying up super late, burning my fingers with the glue gun, poking my fingers with needles, rethreading my sewing machine and serger about 57 million times, cooked, cleaned, sewed some more. I now know what my mother and grandmother went through with all the costumes they made! Burning the midnight oil to make countless costumes for Halloween, choir dresses, plays I was in.... the list goes on. I just figure I was carrying on with tradition in staying up passed 3:00am and going a little crazy in the process.

So here they are! Drum roll please!

Here is Dorothy! I made her dress out of a blue man's button up shirt that we got from Goodwill for about $1.00!!! All I had to do was unpick the seams and I had plenty of fabric for her shirt and straps. The shirt was just some extra muslin that my mother-in-law had. It turned out so cute and was way cheaper than if I had bought it.
Now meet the Lion! This costume was about the end of me. I knew from the second I looked at the pattern that it was slightly above my sewing skills, but I wanted a challenge and dove in. Needless to say I will not be diving in like that for a very long time. It wasn't too bad, it was the hood and the mane that was not my friend. But I got it done and I was very happy with the results.

All in all, it was a good lesson and I'm glad I tackled it. I need this experience to get ready for all the plays and things that they will be involved in. But I am taking a day off to rest my back, blisters on my fingers from the hot glue gun, and nursing my stomach from all the candy I have eaten! Hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween! Now its time to think about CHRISTMAS!!!!!


  1. WOW!! I am amazed! These are so adorable, and that lion!! Way beyond my skill level :o) Hope you guys had a fun Halloween!

  2. Holy cow, Kels... that Lion looks like marathon sewing to me! WOW!

  3. So Cute! That seriously is amazing! They turned out so great! Way to go!



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