Friday, September 11, 2009

A few weeks ago we hosted my sister-in-laws birthday at our house. I made her the fun purse (see it here) and she received a few other purses for her birthday as well, totally a great birthday in my opinion! I followed up with that theme and made this cake. I got the email from, and here is the link for all the 31 easy cakes that they had.

Now this cake was so fun to look at, but here is my story on what happened before it looked like this:

I started frosting the cake during nap time and I have to admit that it was hot out and therefore my house was hot too. I got the handle and flowers on and it looked awesome! In the time it took me to throw away all the empty containers of frosting, to my immense horror, it FELL OVER!!!! Now it was a good thing and a bad thing that the kids were asleep. Good in the fact that they didn't hear the words that I was saying, but bad because I couldn't scream! So I thought to myself, "Self, just prop it up and fix it, it won't be that bad." I took a deep breath and propped it up. It was bad, but I could still work with it. I went to grab some more frosting (because I have a stash of it just in case I need a spoonful when things are crazy in the house) and when I came back it had fallen over THE OTHER WAY!!!! Again, I cursed at it, not that it could hear me, but because it made me feel better, then I walked away from it. I had to or I was going to throw it. I called my other sister-in-law who is the best cake decorator ever and of course she didn't answer her phone. So I left her a voicemail to come over early and help me salvage it. She called me back a little while later and said to prop it up with some cups and put it in the freezer. After it was a little harder, it was better and I made it look like it was above.

Moral of this story is to cut the cake, do one layer of frosting and promptly put it in the freezer. Then frost it again after about an hour and then it once its done and ready, put it in the freezer again and it will be fine. Pull it out a few minutes before you are ready to serve!

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