Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Gift for Under $5.00 Part II

As I have said in previous posts, this is the month of birthdays, weddings and BABY SHOWERS!!! I will have baby things next week (as some of the gifts are for one of my readers and I don't want to spoil the surprise.) But here is a creation that is for my nephew that turns 2 this week! He's such a big boy and loves to do everything his daddy does, and with his daddy being a roofer, I figured I would have to make my nephew a tool belt like his dad's.

Here's what I used:

Nylon strap from a back pack we never use with a clip on it
Black Fabric

I first cut the belt to fit and sewed up the sides. Tip: Make sure you have a Heavy Duty needle or your sewing machine will hate you, which is not what I had.

Then I cut a strip of fabric, about 1" in width (the belt was 1 1/2") and I sewed up the sides and then stitched it onto the belt. I used my finger as a guide for each loop on the utility part of the belt.

I made little seams to make 4 loops.

I then made the pocket for the other side. Now this one was a little tricky, at least for me and my very limited sewing skills. But I cut a long piece of fabric about 4 1/2"X6 1/2". I stitched up the sides. Now I don't have pictures of this as my sewing machine was in shock from the nylon, but I took two squares and stitched them onto the top of the fabric to make a big "T". Then I stitched each side of the little squares onto the long strip to form the pocket. I then wrapped the strip and its pocket that was turned inside as to make the little pouch and stitched on the top and bottom to secure the fabric.

I then wrapped the strip and its pocket that was turned inside as to make the little pouch and stitched on the top and bottom to secure the fabric. Now as I was doing this on the super cheap, I didn't do this step, but you might want to put something inside to make the pocket a little more stiff. I didn't have anything that would work, so I didn't do it, but some stiff interfacing or some cardboard would work great.

Now for the "Hammer Loop". I just took a small scrap of fabric and made a loop and stitched it onto the nylon, right next to the utility loops.

There you have it folks! A child sized tool belt. You can also add another pocket on the back or whatever you want! As this little guy is not super big, I was limited as to what I could put on there, but just use your imagination. I also had to Google pictures of tool belts to get my inspiration. How much did this gift cost me? NOTHING!!! All of the material were things I already had, at least this part of it. There is a small set of wooden tools that the grandma is providing for this gift, and it will work very well!


  1. My munchkins would love this! Cute tip :).

  2. so cute! i love inexpensive gifts too ;)

  3. I have a poll up on my blog about my BIGGEST decor dilemma. Come on over and vote, I need all the help I can get!



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