Saturday, July 25, 2009

I Blame it on Better Homes & Gardens

I know I said I would take some time off, but let me tell you how hard that has been! I have enjoyed my family, started potty training my 2 year old (which feels like I have been camped out in the bathroom for the past few weeks) and have endured many a meltdown with my 6 month old who is getting 4 new teeth all at the same time. I have still been able to make some fun things and I'll post those soon.

Do you know what today is?! Today is July 25th. Which means that Christmas is only 5 months away! GULP!!!!! I have been getting the Better Homes & Garden emails and they started sending Christmas related ones and I instantly got heartburn! Last year I was on bed rest for all of November and all of December (baby boy tried to come out at 31 weeks, but then when he was supposed to come any second he chose not to, so I forced the doctor to induce me... I'm not the most patient person around) but I had all kinds of time to make my presents for my family. I crocheted hats and scarves for everyone. I would like to apologize to my family for the copious amounts of yarn things they all received, but while I was doing that I realized that I had made 15 gifts for less that $10!!! So I have made the choice and my in-laws are all on the same page that Christmas will be totally handmade this year!!! So be prepared to see Christmas projects up the WA-ZOO right after Thanksgiving... possibly before then!
But for now it is baby central at my house as I have a bunch of baby showers that I have been invited to in August along with my home business going a little nuts this month too. So posts will still be few and far between this month, but I will check back in when I have a chance!

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